Roland MC-50 Floppy Emulator

Roland MC-50 Floppy Drive Update

All your songs, tracks, sequences, sounds, midi files in a single SD or Pendrive!

FlexiDrive floppy emulator running on Roland MC-50.
You can storage up 2500 floppies in a single SD card or USB Pendrive.










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Floppy Drive Emulators and Media Update Solutions.

One Response to “Roland MC-50 Floppy Emulator”

  1. Christopher July 12, 2015 at 4:21 am #

    Good evening.

    I have both the Roland MC-50 and the MC-50 mkII music sequencers.

    I have approximately 50 floppy disks. I want to convert and export all songs as General MIDI format.

    This is a file transfer question.

    Could I plug in an external USB floppy disk drive to the USB port on the Flexidrive to load old songs from floppy disk onto the MC-50?

    If yes, could I then swap to a USB stick to transfer files loaded into the MC-50?

    Or, perhaps you could explain how I could transfer files from old floppy disks. Please bear in mind that the format of the files is proprietary to Roland, so it appears that the MC-50 must be turned on and part of the chain because it can translate the files to General MIDI.

    Thank you.

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